Students are encouraged to read, read, READ!!!! Through the Accelerated Reader Program, students are given the opportunity to earn rewards for reading books that are on their individual reading level. It's pretty easy really! Students search for a book on the AR book finder website by entering the title of the book or the author. The students can then determine if the book is within their reading level and if the book has an AR quiz associated with it. The students read the book and ask their teacher if they may take the quiz at school. Students then earn points for each question they answer correctly. Hinton Area teachers and Title 1 interventionists have worked with the students to help them set goals. Students are rewarded each 9 weeks for meeting those goals. A big surprise is planned at the end of the year for students who consistently meet their AR goal!!!


Most classroom teachers have already searched the books available in their own classroom library and labeled the books by their reading level (BL) and the AR - points possible for successful completion of the associated quiz.

So remember to READ, READ, READ!!!!!! 🙂

Please use this link to search for books: Accelerated Reader Bookfinder