Pre-K Program

Summers County Schools and CASE WV Head Start work collaboratively to offer high quality preschool services to the young children of Summers County. For school year 2019-2020, Pre-K classrooms will be available at Talcott Elementary, Hinton Area Elementary, Jumping Branch Elementary, Summers County High School, and CASE WV Head Start for all children who will be four years of age before July 1, 2019. All classrooms offer fully inclusive services for students with special needs.

Enrollment for children who wish to attend any of these programs next school year will be held March 20, 2020 (tentative date) at TBA. You can also download the Pre-K Enrollment form by clicking here: PK-Enrollment-Form

If you have a child you would like to enroll please contact your local school or the Head Start Center. The Board of Education will then contact you with an appointment time.


Linda D. Knott, Ed.D.
Director of Student Services
(304) 466-6006

Kay Westfall
Pre-K Coordinator
(304) 466-6024

Tonya Keaton
Pre-K Secretary
(304) 466-6006


Pre-K Open House - August 30, 2019

First Day of Pre-K - September 3, 2019

Parent Conference Days, No Pre-K - October 14, 2019 and February 17, 2020

Pre-K PreEnrollment - March 20, 2020

Last Day of Pre-K - May 28, 2020


  • Attendance
    We believe that regular attendance is a requirement for the delivery of a sound education to the students. We realize that a program promoting... (cont'd)
  • Birth Certificate Information
    West Virginia State Law (see enclosed law) says that before a child is allowed to enter school, parents or guardians of that child must show the... (cont'd)
  • Curriculum
    Summers County has chosen to implement the Creative Curriculum for preschool in our pre-k classrooms. The Creative Curriculum is research based and... (cont'd)
  • Family Involvement
    Whenever possible, families should actively participated in the Pre-K program and maintain open communication with the Pre-K program staff.... (cont'd)
  • Health Information
  • Immunizations
    All children entering pre-kindergarten programs should be age appropriately immunized. Your physician should provide you with a... (cont'd)
  • Meals
  • Requirements for Pre-K Entry
    1. The child must be 4 years old prior to July 1 of the year they will attend! 2. The child must have a certified birth certificate from the... (cont'd)
  • Social Security Information
    Click on the link below to get a social security card for your child.
  • Transportation
    The parent or a designated adult is to be with the child at the bus stop both in the morning and in the evening.... (cont'd)


    Pre-K Mission Statement
    Pre-K Application