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In an endeavor to make a “best effort” to ensure all students in WV schools have a medical and dental home the Health Promotion Prevention Policy (WVDE Policy 2423) has been set into place.

PreK, Kindergarten and 2nd Grade have been asked to provide a completed and current Health Check and Dental Form beginning with the school year 2016-2017.

State board Policy 2423-Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Section 5 requires Health Check screenings and dental exam that began with a “phase-in” plan beginning in 2015-2016 to 2018-2019 for the following:

2015/16 Pre K and Kindergarten

2016/17 Grade 2

2017/18 Grade 7

2018-19 Grade 12

Health Check forms can be obtained at your physician’s office. The dental form can be obtained under our School Health Forms.


All students entering 7th grade are required to provide documentation of receiving 1 TDAP and 1 Meningococcal vaccine prior to starting school.

All students entering 12th grade are required to provide documentation of receiving 1 TDAP and 2 meningococcal vaccines prior to starting school. *If a student received their first meningococcal vaccine after turning age 16 then only 1 meningococcal vaccine is required.

Students who do not provide documentation of receiving the required immunizations on the first day of school will be sent home until documentation is provided. Days missed due to not having the required immunizations are considered unexcused absences.


All medications, including over-the-counter, require a signed order from a health care provider and parent consent. The medication form can be found under School Health Forms.  The order is valid for the current school year.